What is the difference between classic Google sites and new Google sites?

Compare new sites %26 classic sites. After creating a new site, it is launched directly in the site builder interface. Unlike the classic version of Sites, you don't need to select the site name and URL first. If you're a site owner or G Suite administrator, learn how to seamlessly upgrade your Classic Sites to new Sites.

It is essential to properly plan deployments of Microsoft 365 applications and services on Mac to avoid end user frustration. There are so many elements to consider that forward-thinking IT professionals should consider using a checklist. With proper management, IT departments can ensure that important tasks are not overlooked and that users do not need to return systems to the help desk. What are the differences between new Sites and Classic Sites? Classic users tired of the outdated interface who want to catch up with new Google sites can rejoice.

From here, you can insert text boxes, images, content from Google Drive, YouTube videos, Maps, Google Calendars, and more. Despite the fact that the new Google sites are not yet a professional tool, they integrate with other applications, including Google Analytics. When you see a link in the comparison, it will take you to an article or video on how to use that feature in the new Google Sites. And you'll have to pay for your domain if you decide not to use the domain assigned to you by Google Sites.

It's still too early for the new Google Sites, so many key features are missing from classic sites. To learn more about the differences between new and classic Sites, visit the Google Sites Learning Center. However, for users who want to use a free authoring tool and would love easy integration with Google Drive, Google Sites (over other site-building tools) may still be the right choice. In this blog post, we'll answer some frequently asked questions about the new Sites, give you a quick tour of the interface, and provide an overview of how the new Google Sites compares to the old (classic) version.

And to help those who have created a website with the classic version, Google has created a site conversion tool. If you own a classic Google site that should remain active after December, you'll need to convert the site to the new Google Sites format by December to avoid any disruption. While the long-awaited product update is still in the early stages of launch, the new Google Sites platform is expected to give teachers and students a much faster and easier way to build websites. This video will help you understand where Google Sites fits in with other Google applications, such as Maps or Google Docs.

However, Google has reported that this feature will be introduced when the new Google Sites becomes available to everyone. The new Google Sites is still in beta, however, your school (or company) can apply to join the Early Adopter Program.

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