How do I create a template for google sites?

For the launch of the site template, Google released nine templates in 16 languages. Each template has a specific purpose with a professional look. Google will create more templates as time goes on. Just keep in mind that anyone using google sites will see your template once you submit it to the gallery.

This template supports videos, a live view of your social media feed, and a set of Google tools that your members can use to collaborate, discuss, and share information. If you're looking for a modern Google Sites template with clear and bold lines, check out Steegle's Accounting Team. This will allow any contributor with read or edit permissions to view or copy the site draft without first uploading it to the Template Gallery. New, you won't have the option to choose a template as it will instantly create a new Google site.

While it's possible to sell products or services on your Google site, especially if you have a Google Business account, one of the easiest ways to make money is to display ads with Google AdSense. One of the best parts of having a Google site is the ability to share your business, side activity, or hobby with the public for free. Steegle's marketing agency template is one of the best Google site templates we've seen for this purpose. While Google Sites may have limited functionality compared to other website builders, graphic designer Joshua Pomeroy uses a simple full-width grid layout to make his work speak for itself.

From the high-quality image background to the clean calls to action, this Google site showcases many of the best features of the platform that you can bring to life on your own site. Google Sites is an easy-to-use website building platform that allows you to quickly create and publish new sites. Unlike custom themes, the Custom Template Gallery is publicly available to anyone on U-M Google, which means that anyone with access to U-M Google Drive can upload or copy templates from the gallery. As a result, it's a good idea to take advantage of tools like Google Page Speed Insights to see how your site is performing and where it can be improved.

Some of the best elements to include on your Google site are a welcome message, a simple navigation bar, and lots of photos.

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