Can you share a google sites template?

In addition to the ten existing site templates created for common site uses, you can now distribute custom site templates throughout your organization. You can create and share templates that work best for displaying and sharing information within your organization. This will maintain the integrity of your template and also allow you to make changes to your site by yourself. If you're a Google Drive power user, you probably know the “secret trick” to forcing someone to make a copy of your Google document, presentation, etc.

Custom templates, a long-awaited feature of the classic Google Sites, allow you to create new Google site designs that you can upload to the U. - Google M template gallery for future use. Google Sites is part of Google Drive, which means you can turn a site into a Google Classroom task. These advanced tips are useful for teachers using Sites for student projects and district administrators who are concerned about maintaining a consistent visual brand across community-focused sites.

If you want to edit the site without changing the template, you need to go to the template gallery to make a copy for yourself. This will allow any contributor with read or edit permissions to view or copy the site draft without first uploading it to the Template Gallery. If you want a Google site to be available to your entire organization, you should consider publishing it to the private template gallery. Creating templates for these types of sites will help your district maintain a consistent brand and site design across your organization.

In addition to the templates provided by Google, your organization can create an internal template gallery. When you give students a site template, they don't need to waste time creating pages and creating a theme, they just add their content to the site structure you've provided them with. You can use a plugin like Site Maestro to copy the site for someone else, or you can publish it as a template and allow others to take your work and then make it their own. If you want your theme to be available for another site, you must make a copy of the site or publish it as a template.

Unlike custom themes, the Custom Template Gallery is publicly available to anyone on U-M Google, which means that anyone with access to U-M Google Drive can upload or copy templates from the gallery. I can think of many reasons why someone might want to publish a Google Sites template for other people to use on the same Google Apps for Education domain.

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