Can i import templates to google sites?

Custom templates, a highly anticipated feature of classic Google Sites, allow you to create new Google site designs that you can upload to U-M's Google Template Gallery for future use. I still think teaching how to create a Google site is best from scratch, but if you don't focus on how to do it, a template is a good place to start. The only template that comes with Google Sites is one with several style options called the “Themes” section on Google Sites. In particular, they use their own photography and typography for their unique look and have made the best of Google Sites.

When you release this version, you will be able to download 10 commonly used templates from the site in 16 languages. There are many ways to publish a website with Google Sites, but it's not easy for your students or other staff to receive Google Sites templates for their website. If you want to use a custom page template with the Google Sites connector, you must first create the template in Google Sites. A template that is created from the template contains images, objects, applications, and gadgets to display items within pages.

With this software, you have the option of turning a template into a distribution site for your students. New, you won't have the option to choose a template as it will instantly create a new Google site. Make a note of the template name, as you will need it during the Google Sites Connector setup. Keep in mind that anyone using Google Sites will see your template once you submit it to the gallery.

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