Are the new google sites better?

Google Sites is the new version of its company service. It has a better editor and supports more up-to-date technology (including the ability to create responsive pages), but it has few features. You can forget about e-commerce or a blogging platform, for example. google sites is completely free with any standard Google account.

The number of sites you can create is only limited to the 15 GB of storage that comes with your account, but you can buy more at any time. It is worth noting that this storage is shared with all other Google apps. The crisp, clean lines, full-size images and bold font style of the 9810 Google site stand out from the crowd. This gives the image of the hero more room to breathe and leaves the visitor wondering what else is under the fold? And the interface matches many other Google apps, so anyone who has used a Google product before will have no problem navigating the menus or finding the tools they need.

So what exactly does a great Google site look like? We search the web for the most captivating and intuitive Google sites that will inspire you to create your own. Since Google Sites is part of the Google Apps suite, you'll be able to integrate the content you have into your Google Account. With companies like Wix and Squarespace providing attractive, feature-rich website building for the masses, I can't justify recommending Google Sites as anything more than a way to add documents to your Google cloud, or perhaps as a means of creating a basic portfolio site or event page. Classic users tired of the outdated interface who want to catch up with new Google sites can rejoice.

Google's updated Sites app may not be a comprehensive website building solution, but unlike the old Google Sites, it has both feet planted in the 21st century. However, Google Sites is free, so if you're on a budget and need a minimal website, Google Sites might be a viable option for your business. In fact, Weebly even includes limited ecommerce with its free plan, something you won't get with Google Sites. While it is not an easy-to-use tool by any means and the websites that come out of it are not attractive, it allows users to achieve much more than the new Google sites.

In classic Google style, Google Sites narrows your choices to the bone, all in the name of simplicity and ease. As part of Google's suite of applications, the platform easily integrates with Google Docs, Google Forms, and more. Google Sites also offers a simple but visually appealing design, so it can be a good option for local businesses that only need a homepage, a contact page, and perhaps a photo gallery. You see, the builder doesn't have any templates themselves, at least not in the sense that most other legitimate website builders use templates.

However, for users who want to use a free authoring tool and would love easy integration with Google Drive, Google Sites (over other site-building tools) may still be the right choice. And because Google Sites is easy to use and integrate with your Google Account, you can get your website up and running in no time and then delete it just as quickly after the event ends.

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